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Environmentally friendly and quality-focused, from start to finish.

You won’t find any trace of harmful solvents or VOCs in our powder coatings. But you will find the strictest quality control standards. We go to great lengths to enhance the corrosion-resistance, longevity and attractiveness of your finished parts.


Five-Step Process

1. Pretreatment

Our process ensured that every part is clean as a whistle. (And, yes, even the cleanest whistles would be thoroughly pretreated before we apply powder coating.) Our pretreatment for all parts includes:


  • Heated degreaser wash
  • Rinse
  • Corrosion-protection wash
  • Final wash

For parts requiring sandblasting, we use a tough 80-grit aluminum oxide in an enclosed environment to remove paint and surface rust before we proceed with the pretreatment washing and rinsing.

2. Masking & Plugging

We use tape to carefully mask any areas of a part that shouldn’t be coated. We also plug any holes that need to be left uncoated. Some of our competitors won’t take these extra steps, but we consider them vital to the quality of your finished product.

3. Powder Coating

We use premium quality powders, applied with ITW GEMA powder coating equipment for a durable, awesome looking finish. The positively-charged powder is sprayed onto a negatively-charged part, allowing the powder to cling electrostatically until it’s permanently baked on.

A wide range of colors, textures, multi-coats and clear finishes are available.

4. Quality Control

Three key tests are applied to every part during R&R’s powder-coating process:

  1. Visual inspection
  2. Mil thickness test
  3. Cure test by MEK rubs

We also do cross-hatch adhesion and coupon tests on specific products. By performing multiple quality control checks throughout the process, we ensure that our powder coating meets the high standards of the parts fabricator as well as the end user.

5. Packaging & Shipping


We’re proud of our finished product, so we take care to package it securely and professionaly. All palletized parts are shrink-wrapped at each level of stacking and interleaving. The entire pallet is then wrapped, with paperwork inside that is clearly visible.

Our shipping and receiving department handles the transportation details, so you can be confident your order will arrive on schedule. We offer personalized pickup and delivery within certain areas of North and South Carolina, or direct shipment to your customer.