Consumer & Industrial Powder Coating

Powder coating is an environmentally friendly process. No solvents are used during the process and no VOC’s are emitted during the powder application. Wastewater is closely monitored and filtered to meet stringent specifications.

Custom Colors

Custom Colors

Full spectrum of RAL colors, Cardinal Powder colors, and custom colors from a wide array of powder vendors.

Powder Coating

Powder Coating

We use ITW GEMA powder coating equipment to ensure the finest finish available and only quality powders are sourced to optimize our process. The powder is sprayed with a positive charge onto a negatively charged part so it will cling to the surface until it is baked to become the durable finish that is has become so desirable. Colors, textures, multi-coats and clears are all possible with this technology.


Specialty Packaging


We go to great lengths to protect your parts during shipment. All palletized parts are shrink wrapped at each level of stacking and interleaving then the entire pallet is wrapped. Paperwork is placed with the shipment so it is visible. This gives a secure, protected, and professional package to its final destination.



Our shipping and receiving department can manage all of your transportation needs.  We offer a personalized service of pickup and/or delivery within certain areas of North and South Carolina. We strive to provide accurate tracking and secure packaging to protect your coated parts during transit.